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A Safe And Effective Technique

08.09.2017 | by Maria Fields

Today on the market, there are many techniques for penis enlargement. We can offer you a methodology that works and does not require dangerous complications of surgery or drugs with unknown side effects, no tedious exercises, which you have to perform daily for many years to have an effect.

Increase penis length and width with a penis extender

Methods of penis enlargement using an extender are based on the medical principle of tension and tissue growth. Prolonged stretching of the penis extender and xymogen stimulates growth of new tissue. Due to the fact that the cell is three-dimensional and its division occurs in a random direction, the penis increases not only its length, but its overall growth - in length and volume. This principle of tissue expansion is natural and safe. The regular use of an extender for 4-8 hours over 4-6 months will increase your penis growth to 30-35% of the original length, the growth of the penis is up to 0,75 cm in a month. Today extenders are certified as medical device Class 1 - that means that they do not require the application of medical supervision and are recommended for independent use at home.

The use of an extender after surgery

Earlier extenders were used only for post surgical treatment of patients undergoing surgery for penis enlargement. It was used when this operation was suppressed supporting ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. Then the penis should have been stretched over several months using an extender. Although the operation is fairly quick way to enlarge the penis, it is dangerous for its complications. May develop inflammation, altered level of erectile malfunction, the muscles are detached on the ground scar and contraction of scar tissue, which will significantly reduce the outcome.

The manual massage of the penis

The principle of expansion and growth of tissues is also based on techniques for penis enlargement using chiropractic exercises. However, you cannot increase your penis size with such a massage in short time (like the Arabs, who came up with this technique are beginning to deal with it at the age of 11-12 years, when the tissues of penis are more easily to be "stretched" and continue for life).

Hanging weights

Tensile impact is a method of penis enlargement by means of hanging weights, but it is not only inconvenient to use (the user is forced to stand in the suspension), but can be dangerous due to excessive stretching of the penis that would not lead to its growth, but a serious and intractable injury.

Do not waste time on pills

Penis enlargement pills are nothing more than a psychological trick. Cases where the penis size is increased by the use of drugs are not yet registered.


We can offer you a system which has significant differences from the devices offered by other manufacturers. This product has a comfortable fixation system, modern materials and good quality!

The extenders are designed in such a way to make the process of penis enlargement comfortable and safe. (If you want to learn more about the ways to increase penis size you can find information from the source)