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Penis Enlargement Common Questions

16.06.2017 | by Maria Fields

From ancient times, people wanted to enlarge penis. Today 1000's of people use the penis enlargement products or exercise, especially since modern science has done a good job and has been shown to improve some of the techniques and provide a systematic approach. However, anyone who starts for the first time should know the basics. Although theory is simple enough, you can not go to the bathroom to exercise or strap a traction device in the center of the room. There are a hundred questions any newbie may ask about penis enlargement. So, here you are my tips on how to increase penis size.

For the very start, you should have a patience. Of course, it is hard to be patient when know that the results do not appear for several weeks. It's hard to stay motivated when days go by, and you have nothing from your efforts. But you should know that tissue needs time to grow and that many people experience a growth and plateaus, and you only have to be patient. Some novices are impatient and think they have more than 1 penis exercise session will speed-up penis enlargement. But it will only exhaust tissues. Just like any other muscles, penis also need time to rest after the training session. So, don't exercise more than recommended.

Another mistake that many inexperienced users make is to measure penis too often. It is hard to show big gains in short period and that can just undermine your motivation. So, it's recommended to measure penis only once in every 4 to 5 weeks. It may seem a long time to wait for the results, but less than 4 weeks is not enough time to grow the tissue to be visible.

One of the most controversial themes in penis enlargement circles is ejaculation after training sessions. Some fans of penis enlargement have argued that testosterone levels drop sharply after ejaculation, which can influence penis enlargement, while others have said that ejaculation is the hallmark of a healthy sex life, which is after all the main purpose of all this techniques. Today, there is no sure way to know if ejaculation has a big impact on penis growth or not.

This problem goes parallel with the question of sex directly after training. In general it is advisable to spend at least an hour between the end of training and sexual activity, so that penis tissues have enough time to heal and recover before they flood with new blood.

One issue that plants occasionally in the minds of curious novices is whether drinking water increases penis size or not. Answer: No, not really. However, the hydration helps body to get rid of toxins and other substances that can not be used. A body without toxic substances is a healthy body and can heal faster, but it is what it is. But simply drinking water will not help you with the gains.

Excellent way to help the circulation of blood to tissues in the healing process is using a device known as the Ring of Power. This ring causes a flow of electricity around the base of the penis and testicles, stimulate cellular activity, testosterone production and blood circulation. If want to have one, remember, these devices do not work the same for everyone. Also note that the skin of the penis is in contact with zinc and copper which can make irritations to some people.

And the last, be careful when you are buying penis enlargement products, specially if that products don't have medical back-up. You don't have to hurry. It's better to wait till some other people test the products and give (or not) their recommendations.