Russian Blue Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Russian Blue cats have a gentle character. They are obedient and considerate. This intelligent creature likes to show its character, despite being delicate and meek. In dealing with a host the cat shows its best qualities. It always responds to gestures, tone and speech rights. It doesn't know what the manifestations of revenge and sabotage are. Russian blue cat with pleasure will sit together with you by the fire but don't wait that it will allow you to squeeze it.

Congenital perfect upbringing and alertness makes it shy and reserved to behave with strangers. It will remain cold exactly until it doesn't feel the confidence in the new person. The cats of this breed live about 15-20 years.

As a rule, they don't live the average period of 15 years according to some reports.

How Much Does a Russian Blue Cat Cost and Price Range

As for the price that is average for this breed of cats then it is about $500.

You shouldn't buy it at the lower price as the breeder can be not trustworthy.

The top-quality kittens which have some documents will cost more than usually.

Check the colors of the Russian blue cat in the internet.

Russian Blue Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

As for the size of the Russian Blue cat it is not very large as it weighs from 3 to 7 kilos at the height up to 25 cm. Short and thick fur is tight to the body, it plays the shades of gray and blue (hence the name of the breed). The tips of the guard hair are painted in silver color, causing the effect of resembling alive engraving. Pads have a delicate shade of purple - a unique feature of the Russian Blue. Basic cate cares for the Russian blue cat is combing its plush coat with a brush with natural bristles during molting. The rest of the time she did well to take care of their hair.

According to the standard, a purebred Russian Blue has no spots, stripes or white markings on the hair. Proper care of Russian blue cats ensures proper exterior: a thick uniform coat without bald spots and long of guard hairs.

Russian Blue Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Russian Blue cat is one of the oldest classic Russian breeds. The first official mention of it dates back to 1860 year. But the breed found its true popularity in England when the British sailors brought sophisticated cats with blue-gray fur from Arkhangelsk. A little later, Catherine II gave Russian blue cat the British royal family. In Britain and Russia these unusual creatures are called masters of magic and sorcery.

Russian Blue - is a confident and delicate cat, whose loyalty is hard to overestimate. Graceful and intelligent appearance of these cats has allowed them to become one of the most popular breeds in the world.