White Bookcases - Classic And Modern

If you're asked to imagine classical bookcases what color of it will come to your mind first? Obviously, it will be some dark color and classical bookcases are often thought of as those stately pieces of furniture mainly found in grave manors or old libraries where they are filled with arcane tomes from the floor to the very ceiling, some http://internetwoordenboek.com/roto-sweep-reviews.html.

However, contemporary traditional bookcases have a somewhat different look. Nowadays, white bookcases have quickly become a preferred kind of this piece of furniture. Although they are still less common and even unknown to some categories of people, these articles of furniture prove to be extremely classic and charming. It's true to say that while bookcases are now experiencing a revival in many modern homes.

White bookcases were usually the main articles of furniture in the period starting from the Revolution and finishing with the colonial period. At these times the white color of furniture was much more popular than any other. Perfect samples of white bookcases that belong to the authentic period can be seen in museums and private collections. You can see significant details of these pieces of furniture in high-rate catalogues. These bookcases used to denote a formal look, and even being still they weren't overpowering. Very often these lacquered shelves were portrayed in period dramas.

It's interesting to mention that white bookcases are usually associated with the periods of the French Revolution, the Regency, and even with Dickensian. Due to their historical meaning, white bookcases can serve excellent presents for antique collectors, historical re-enactors, or even for people who are fond of reading classic literature.

Contemporary white bookcases are available in a number of different designs. They can be completely plain looking like simple pieces of furniture that was mainly used in the colonial times, as well as beautifully decorated. The latter variant makes us remind of Louisiana plantations, while highly ornamental white bookcases denote the touch of French baroque. If you were lucky enough to spend time in a plantation house or a period flat, then you have probably greatly enjoyed the authentic feeling inside you. Most of people after seeing these exquisite furniture pieces dream to decorate their own houses in the same way, but in reality you'll need to change the whole design of your home at first, as white bookcases are often not suitable for most of modern settings.

Due to the revival of these elegant and prim pieces of furniture, any person nowadays has an opportunity to locate exquisite white bookcases in their current decor with no need to drill a hole in the walls to locate antiques. You probably won't need to change your interior design, as modern white bookcases are designed in such a way to fit into almost any interior. Whether it offers the old-fashioned elegance of sleek lines, sharp angles and almost no decoration or it has a much more modern look, a white bookcase will perfectly fit into any modern surrounding.

Finally, it should be added that while bookcases are perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. By the way, the intensity and the method of the staining influence the general appearance of the bookcase that ranges from antique to futuristic. Besides, if white bookcases are located in outdoor decks they will take on a weathered look that is just marvelous. Summing up, it would be important to emphasize that white bookcases are the wonderful and true embodiment of eternal class in combination with modern tendencies.